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2013 Resolution: Project blogging!

Well, after a long Christmas holiday, greatly enjoyed by myself and my family, and a pleasant little whirl of parties, giggles, pajamas, food, cooking (mainly by me), playing and smiles, I can safely say we were so lucky as to have had a marvelous Christmas period, now alas, it is a new year, and time to upscale my little internet space (and that is a promise and resolution, I shall not disappoint on).

Here are some Christmas photographs,my camera has been clicking away merrily, and I now have a massive store of recipe photos that can’t wait to be shared.

So my resolution is: to blog blog blog and blog some more, and I hope and aim to keep you entertained along the way!

Here represents our Christmas day, I feel we need a good catch up. Sorry for the major overload of snaps.

Christmas 2012

If anyone would like their own drinking glasses, you can get them here at urban outfitters, along with mustaches and many many fun novelty gifts.

OH and guess where my Christmas Caviar came from? Lidl! Yes Lidl, do not put anything past Lidl, always worth a good explore.

The Truffle oil was one of a few lovely little gifts I bought my brother Ben, also seen in drinking glasses, from Amazon seller Truffle Hunter

Other little things i bought for fellow foodie Ben were from Taste Spice, and they went down a treat!

This was this our none traditional Christmas pudding to give everyone a bit more choice on after dinner sweets:

That’s a Flourless Chocolate Cake, deeeeeelish!

There were many more Christmassy times of significant fun, here are some photos I’d like to share:

DSC00597Chocolate spoons for the Christmas drinks party I helped my Land -lady pull together. SO sweet right?! Spoon moulds here, from Lakeland, a real nice novelty, good alternative to flakes for ice cream and to accompany puddings.



These are my finished Christmas hampers, more on these another day! I was very excited to hand these out though!

A Christmas Ball, with wonderful friends, this picture summarizes our mood, a very umm merry one! (I promise you Spencer there on the end was happy too, Spencer SMILE!)


A little bit of hosting with a gorgeous and most fabulous friend E, you can read her very clever blog here . We assembled and served canapes for a friend of mine, and then when the work was done, we kick and twirl-started the dancing in the kitchen, and let it continue through the whole house all evening long.

DSCF4675 DSCF4669

Childish games involving lots of icing sugar cream and jelly babies and no hands at the Show Team Christmas party, here are my two ‘adopted brothers’ …can never get them in the same photo, typical!


A side saddle lesson was one of my lovely Christmas gifts, such a great thing to try!


I was lucky enough to bring in the new year with more gorgeous friends.


And one last photo, on returning home from the Canape party, having chats with Ollie, he loves to know all the party gossip.

So readers, we shall be seeing a great deal more of each other. To those who supported me by following and offering lovely comments in 2012, I thank you very much, in these early days especially they mean such a lot to me! I shall repay you with countless recipes and jovial chattering in 2013. I have very much enjoyed starting this blog, and I am teeming with ideas that could be of use and interest to my readers, and hopefully new readers too!

Looking forward to hearing from you.

Happy New Year all.


Winter treats coming soon…WATCH THIS SPACE!

In a good week of absence from posting (well yeah I’m still getting into the swing of this blogging thing!) I have been busy I promise! I passed my driving theory test, which is a big box ticked, and have been concocting giddy delightful recipes for my Christmas hampers, this year, I am excited! I LOVE Christmas, and as you can gather from my previous posts, I am easily delighted by the prospect of giving gifts, making things, and well, anything that requires being made in the kitchen. (At 19 years young I have finally resigned myself to the fact that I am unalterably fascinated by baking, it’s official.)

So please look forward to your Christmas bakes and wrapping ideas that I shall attempt to grace you with, I have already started stocking the freezer, and this week I shall get all my recipes onto my little  comfy cranny of the internet.

Myself and a wonderful friend spent hours pouring over these nifty websites, and ordering our jars, bottles, ribbons, wrapping, molds, labels, loaf tins etc etc etc! So I shall leave you with some links in case anyone wants to have a gander. I am in charge of sweets and she is in charge of savory, so she has hold of most of the jars and bottles!


http://www.pipii.co.uk/ be excited! This website was made for the easily excitable who loves wrapping presents. The larger loaf tins, stickers, bell stars, blackboard labels, little houses, transparent sweet bags and striped straws are all from here.

http://www.lakeland.co.uk/in-the-kitchen/preserving/bottling-and-labeling   great for all cookware, and kilner jars, as well as baking molds, the smaller cardboard loaf molds are from here, as are the heart and spoon molds.

http://waresofknutsford.co.uk/ for every type of jar and preserving bottle under the sun! The honey jar with the spoon is from here

http://www.wbc.co.uk/14-inch-wicker-hamper-basket?gclid=COClmOrG_rMCFXHLtAodrB0ASg we have hampers similar to these

http://www.johnlewis.com/341494/Product.aspx  but I love this range of baskets too

Have a look around these websites, they are my favorites. And, whilst we’re here, this is one example of a simple delicious treat to make, and freeze ahead of time, remember we made chocolate brownies? Well why not bake them individually, i have some in the freezer now will let you know how they are after a super chilled slumber. Here’s a little sample: ENJOY, and beware, these websites are very easy to get carried away on!


Friendship is…

This morning I would like to share this photograph with you, it is of my pony Ollie (left) and his mate Papa on the right, when at a horse show last year. As me and my fabulous, hilarious, wonderful friend C were chatting, the boys were getting in the thick of their ‘bromance’. This is one of my favorite favorite photos, I can never look at it enough!

I have two lots of birthday baking to do today so I best get busy now! Enjoy.

Meet Mylow

Oh wait, no not a recipe, but I would be honored to introduce you to my dachshund, Mylow. He’s been with us 9 years, and I fail to recall a day when he hasn’t made one of us laugh. To be honest, when you dog is shaped like a sausage with indeterminable legs everything they do is funny.

Too many photos  to choose from so here’s a few.

He’s a bit of a daredevil, loves riding (safely) on the front of the quad bike.

Mylow always comes with us in the horsebox when we stay away at shows. This dog was clearly born to chill.

Not so fond of walking, this is his preferred style, this was his exercise after painting the bathroom couple of summers ago.Well, this is not the most instructive or objective of posts, but, I thought Mymy could brighten your day if that is what your day requires. He always has this effect on mine currently by snoring on my feet as I write this. He doesn’t even have to be awake to inflict happiness, that is one talented dog.

The happiest corner I’ve seen in a while on the most drab day I’ve seen in a while.

It’s drab and dreary today, this was me this morning, on our beautiful autumnal driveway, riding in the rain however. This does give me the pleasure of introducing you to Ollie though.

And here is a very warming contrast, the happiest corner in my kitchen, it smells dreamy too. Feels very far from the drizzle outside.
Happy Monday to you all.

Creating your own luck

Today, I gave myself a total nightmare situation. (slightly dramatised, but you need to appreciate it!)

I checked my recipes, wanting to make a bread and butter pudding and baked bananas tonight, Mum had a minor operation on her hand today, so I wanted to treat her to her favourite pudding, and so I wrote a shopping list.

Hessian shopping bag under my arm, I took off in the autumn air down the drive, and Lady Luck was on my side, my neighbour pulled along side and offered me a lift into town, gladly I thanked him, and within moments I was at destination. Perfect!

Lady Luck gave generously to me, I almost beamed at the sight of a lovely chunk of Bree reduced drastically, and whipped round the shop, picking up the very last bunch of bananas, lucky again. This however, is where my ‘luck’ ends.

At the till I discovered I had not brought the right bank card with me, I brought one that had been deactivated, (some sort of Bank reason not too sure…) so not having  another payment method with me I left the shop with brightly flushed cheeks, my Bree, my bananas, my golden ingredients to the most mouth-watering of bread and butter puddings, behind me. I sloppily treaded my mile-long walk home (being in the country, a mile is close to the nearest shop) But I wasn’t unlucky, I just neglected to create my own luck, I could have used an ounce of common sense and taken both bank cards, but for some reason this thought escaped my blonde locks into that lovely autumn air I was cooing over.

Anyway, feeling sorry for myself, quite rightly I thought, I remembered something someone said to me, ‘the harder you work, the luckier you get’ a saying I found out was originally said by Samuel Goldwyn an American movie producer.

Although my pitiful anecdote shows just the smallest example of working my brain slightly harder, it would have made me so much luckier, and I would be smelling warm homely pudding from the oven. Alas, I shall save those recipes and report on them another day, and have re-learnt my lesson, Lady Luck can help me out by reducing the price of cheese or magically reserving the last bananas, but she can’t magic the right card into my impatient pocket purse.

Also, just so you know, our take-away is being ordered for tonight’s post-operation dinner! Yes, finally this story does have a happy ending.

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