Hello and a heart-felt welcome to anyone found wandering across my blog! My name is Heather, though I am often heard answering to Hetty too, chosen for the title as it feels slightly more affectionate with the slight consonance of the t’s.

I suppose you could summarize this as a lifestyle blog, I hope to cover everything I find that amuses me from books to films to recipes and memoirs. Besides, the internet its bubbling with effervescing young adults posting to their heart’s content, one more couldn’t hurt surely?

I like to focus on recipes that taste great and seem more complex than they are, most of which are suitable for bunging together last minute on a week day if you are short for time, or are recipes that bring a smile to everyone’s face. Please enjoy them and let me know what you think!

In the future I would love to save up so I could go on a fabulous cooking course, and one day work in that industry.