Winter treats coming soon…WATCH THIS SPACE!

by hettychatters

In a good week of absence from posting (well yeah I’m still getting into the swing of this blogging thing!) I have been busy I promise! I passed my driving theory test, which is a big box ticked, and have been concocting giddy delightful recipes for my Christmas hampers, this year, I am excited! I LOVE Christmas, and as you can gather from my previous posts, I am easily delighted by the prospect of giving gifts, making things, and well, anything that requires being made in the kitchen. (At 19 years young I have finally resigned myself to the fact that I am unalterably fascinated by baking, it’s official.)

So please look forward to your Christmas bakes and wrapping ideas that I shall attempt to grace you with, I have already started stocking the freezer, and this week I shall get all my recipes onto my little  comfy cranny of the internet.

Myself and a wonderful friend spent hours pouring over these nifty websites, and ordering our jars, bottles, ribbons, wrapping, molds, labels, loaf tins etc etc etc! So I shall leave you with some links in case anyone wants to have a gander. I am in charge of sweets and she is in charge of savory, so she has hold of most of the jars and bottles!

DSCF2251 be excited! This website was made for the easily excitable who loves wrapping presents. The larger loaf tins, stickers, bell stars, blackboard labels, little houses, transparent sweet bags and striped straws are all from here.   great for all cookware, and kilner jars, as well as baking molds, the smaller cardboard loaf molds are from here, as are the heart and spoon molds. for every type of jar and preserving bottle under the sun! The honey jar with the spoon is from here we have hampers similar to these  but I love this range of baskets too

Have a look around these websites, they are my favorites. And, whilst we’re here, this is one example of a simple delicious treat to make, and freeze ahead of time, remember we made chocolate brownies? Well why not bake them individually, i have some in the freezer now will let you know how they are after a super chilled slumber. Here’s a little sample: ENJOY, and beware, these websites are very easy to get carried away on!