Fluffy Little Savory Scones

by hettychatters

I made something similar ages and ages ago, but couldn’t, in all honesty, be bothered to locate the recipe, so to recreate them I just went with what I felt might be the right sort of ingredients to put in. The result, in this instance was something that left me with a smug little rosy cheeked smile when I shared these out. They would make a great starter or canape served warm after baking in a mini muffin tray, I made them in a normal muffin tray, which would make a great accompaniment for a picnic.

for 6:

120g self raising flour

1tsp baking powder

60g cheese of choice, I went for Parmesan and Mature Cheddar

2tbsp natural yogurt

3tbsp oil of choice, think I used some olive oil, and the oil from the sun-dried toms

A handful of sun-dried tomatoes, chopped

A handful of fresh chopped parsley

1 egg

6 cubes of feta cheese

Mix everything into a nice gunky dough then spoon into a well greased muffin tray, push in little feta hearts and top up to cover the feta. Bake for about 15-20 minutes 200 degrees C, until the tops are crisp and golden and they slip up easily out of the tray, and there you have a perfect snack, or picnic party piece that’s simple and just something different to try!  These were a good hit with my test subjects!