Cushy Banana Crumbles

by hettychatters

Before we go any further, make sure you have a Rom-Com ready to start, a blanket, a sofa, pajamas and the kettle ready to boil. Got that? Okay, this is, for me, the epitome of what should accompany banana and apricot crumble.

This made 3 crumbles, in ramekins. This recipe is super relaxed, add more or less of whatever you fancy and it’ll turn out good anyway, it’s comfort food, you can do what you like, I’ll just give you a guide to my perfect crumble:
3tbsp porridge oats
2tbsp pumpkin seeds
1tbsp butter
1tbsp honey
1tbsp golden syrup
1tbsp light brown sugar
1 banana
1 handful dried apricots
Vanilla yogurt to serve

In a pan warm the butter, oats, sugar, seeds, honey and syrup, until well combined. Slice the bananas and apricots and arrange in the bottom of the ramekins. Top with the crumble, then sprinkle a little ground cinnamon and ginger on top of that for more lovely warm flavors.  Bake for about 25 minutes at 180 degrees C. If you are impatient like me, turn the grill on for a couple of minutes towards the end of the cooking time to the get the tops extra crunchy ahead of schedule. Wrap the bottom of the Ramekins in a tea towel, pour yogurt over the top of the crumble, grab a spoon, grab your cup of tea, move to sofa, press play on the film, bring your knees up, wrap the blanket over you, and savor the moment, and every last bite.