Meet Mylow

by hettychatters

Oh wait, no not a recipe, but I would be honored to introduce you to my dachshund, Mylow. He’s been with us 9 years, and I fail to recall a day when he hasn’t made one of us laugh. To be honest, when you dog is shaped like a sausage with indeterminable legs everything they do is funny.

Too many photos  to choose from so here’s a few.

He’s a bit of a daredevil, loves riding (safely) on the front of the quad bike.

Mylow always comes with us in the horsebox when we stay away at shows. This dog was clearly born to chill.

Not so fond of walking, this is his preferred style, this was his exercise after painting the bathroom couple of summers ago.Well, this is not the most instructive or objective of posts, but, I thought Mymy could brighten your day if that is what your day requires. He always has this effect on mine currently by snoring on my feet as I write this. He doesn’t even have to be awake to inflict happiness, that is one talented dog.