Chocolate Black Pudding

by hettychatters

I watched a version of this Italian pudding being made earlier in the week, when working as a bit of a wing-man at the cooking demonstration. So I owe it to L for introducing me to the idea, this recipe however, I improvised, and it was decided it was more like black pudding in looks than Salami as it is usually called.

It is still very fitting with my super quick dinner theme of tonight, and tastes oooohhh so good! Really, you can’t go wrong.

200g Dark Chocolate
200ml double cream
250g digestive biscuits, crushed
2 Crunchie bars
handful of Pecans
anything else you fancy, I wanted to put in glace cherries, but not all of my family would have agreed! But personally I feel it would benefit even more from something chewy.

Melt your chocolate, stir in the cream, tip in the dry ingredients, mixy mixy, then tip first onto grease-proof paper and wrap up into a sausage shape, then cover in tin foil. March it to the freezer and leave it for a couple of hours, take it out 20 mins before serving like you would with ice-cream, dust with icing sugar and slice up into little black puddings. Looks a treat, tastes a treat, couldn’t be more simple to make! Would be great to make with whatever was in the cupboard and leave in the freezer for an emergency pudding. For something really sweet you could put popping candy in or on top before serving…wished I had had some lying around!

Anyway, enjoy!