Baked Bananas

by hettychatters

Homely, warm, comforting, totally delicious, this kind of easy little treat makes my heart sing, especially when they score not so bad on the health scale too.

My Dad always makes BBQ’d bananas in summer, and bananas on toast has always been an acceptable breakfast or snack in our house, as well as countless recipes of banana bread, muffins etc, so really anything banana goes down well round here.

My Mum is recovering from yesterday’s operation on her hand, it’s so sad to see her so wiped out, but plenty of waiting on her every desire is helping her feel better I hope. I think baked ban’s will help her be on the mend too!

You can also make them as healthy as you like, I toasted almond flakes, and stuffed the ban’s with about 15g of dark chocolate pieces, and topped with natural yoghurt and a drizzle of honey, so really it ended up a fairly low-calorie week day treat.

Slit down the middle, push in the chocolate chunks, bake the bananas in a loaf tin, about 180 degrees C, for around half an hour. The skins will go completely black and the ban’s are really soft and a bit juicy, you can cook for longer if you would like them even softer.

Top with yoghurt and toasted almonds* and a drizzle of honey and curl up with a mug of tea and a cosey autumnal film.

I must apologise for low picture quality, my better camera has battery issues, and my other is like a poor functioning toy in comparison to it!

*the almonds are lovely with a tiny touch of butter melted on the baking tray when they come out the oven, with a sprinkle of Demerara sugar over the top making them extra sweet and crunchy. I suppose salt would also be nice with the dark chocolate. But these extras would be slightly less healthy! I would also eat this for breakfast without the chocolate and maybe some berries.