Creating your own luck

by hettychatters

Today, I gave myself a total nightmare situation. (slightly dramatised, but you need to appreciate it!)

I checked my recipes, wanting to make a bread and butter pudding and baked bananas tonight, Mum had a minor operation on her hand today, so I wanted to treat her to her favourite pudding, and so I wrote a shopping list.

Hessian shopping bag under my arm, I took off in the autumn air down the drive, and Lady Luck was on my side, my neighbour pulled along side and offered me a lift into town, gladly I thanked him, and within moments I was at destination. Perfect!

Lady Luck gave generously to me, I almost beamed at the sight of a lovely chunk of Bree reduced drastically, and whipped round the shop, picking up the very last bunch of bananas, lucky again. This however, is where my ‘luck’ ends.

At the till I discovered I had not brought the right bank card with me, I brought one that had been deactivated, (some sort of Bank reason not too sure…) so not having  another payment method with me I left the shop with brightly flushed cheeks, my Bree, my bananas, my golden ingredients to the most mouth-watering of bread and butter puddings, behind me. I sloppily treaded my mile-long walk home (being in the country, a mile is close to the nearest shop) But I wasn’t unlucky, I just neglected to create my own luck, I could have used an ounce of common sense and taken both bank cards, but for some reason this thought escaped my blonde locks into that lovely autumn air I was cooing over.

Anyway, feeling sorry for myself, quite rightly I thought, I remembered something someone said to me, ‘the harder you work, the luckier you get’ a saying I found out was originally said by Samuel Goldwyn an American movie producer.

Although my pitiful anecdote shows just the smallest example of working my brain slightly harder, it would have made me so much luckier, and I would be smelling warm homely pudding from the oven. Alas, I shall save those recipes and report on them another day, and have re-learnt my lesson, Lady Luck can help me out by reducing the price of cheese or magically reserving the last bananas, but she can’t magic the right card into my impatient pocket purse.

Also, just so you know, our take-away is being ordered for tonight’s post-operation dinner! Yes, finally this story does have a happy ending.