by hettychatters

How to begin?

When you first meet someone in the flesh, you begin to notice little elements about them, the little details, the  more happy little details you know, the more you begin to like a person.

I will tell you some little things about me, bit by bit, even though, the likely hood is that very few people will read this post, I have to get the ball rolling for my own sake; this blog has been created and sat dormant for a couple of weeks!

This is my favourite mug, I drink tea like it’s the elixir of life, favouring Twining’s Assam & Chai, this mug was a gift, and it just so happens to fill me with warmth (well, yes literally it does, I drink hot tea…) every time I use it. It is most likely that whenever I blog, this mug is sat by my laptop.


I am listening to I Love you Porgy, Nina Simone, no particular significance, just happens to be playing, it’s ever so soft and delicious.


Okay, you can start to build up a little image of me, slowly, I will tell you more things later, now i must walk my sausage dog and muck out the ponies. Okay, there’s two more things to know, I reside in the countryside, I am such a lucky girl.